Tuesday, October 16, 2012

autumn blessings and upcoming events

Dear Folks, Happy Fall!
  I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful fall colours.
There are lots of amazing energetic shifts happening so

please stay warm and cozy as we snuggle down in preparation for the winter magic to
come. Dec. 21 is approaching quickly and with it more opportunities to invite in light,
love and healing for ourselves, our friends/communities/world.

Great news, the latest CD 'LIGHT FROM THE SUPER EARTH" is now completed!!!
We are in the process of sending out this magical new music to producers and distributors. 
I will let you know when the music is released. 
I am very excited about how this new music will help us to invite in new light!

I just returned from playing in Colorado with cellist David Darling
who is featured on the new CD. It was an amazing concert playing with such a gifted master player.
The concert marked the 80th anniversary of the Emissaries of Divine Light and I was deeply honoured to be a part of this celebration.

Website update: The new website is incredibly beautiful and is coming
to completion soon. I will let you know when it is relaunched.

here's a sneak peek at some of behind the scenes and live-concert healing adventures:

upcoming healing events:

October 21, 2012
Music Meditation with Chris Gartner on bass and atmospheres and
Debbie Danbrook on Shakuhachi and voice
The Inner Garden: 401 Richmond Street West (at Spadina) suite 384
Time: 7:30pm  |  Cost: suggest donation $10-$20
For more information please contact: debbiedanbrook@gmail.com
cell on evening of the event: 416-833-3564

October 28, 2012
Music Meditation and Healing Music talk with Debbie Danbrook
Troy Springer Prana Yoga & Healing Centre
11 Dale Street
Time: 2:00 - 3:30
Cost: $15
Info: Troy 613-332-9883 or Tanya 613-332-8212

 November 3, 2012
Love after Love
The Red Canoe Studio
Debbie Danbrook and Lorraine Gane

October 28 to Nov. 2, 2012
Graile Springs 'Creative Re-Awakening Retreat!'
re-AWAKEN your inner sight, your body, your creative spirit, 
ALL of your innate senses in this most exhilarating 5-night retreat with seasoned facilitators.
Create a Deeper Heart & Joy Connection in your Life as we weave the
beauty of art, music, movement and meditation into this soul-filled
journey. Facilitated by Canadian recording artist Debbie Danbrook,
renowned painter John Parson, and Grail Springs founder Madeleine Marentette.
A most unique and inspirational week that will stir the imagination and wake up
the creative flow within! This is our third 'Creative Re-Awakening
Retreat' - the other retreats have been an incredible experience for all.

Reservations and Information: www.grailsprings.com

November 11, 2012
Hospice Benefit Concert
Musideum, 401 Richmond Street
A benefit event to raise funds for musical events at hospice centres in Toronto

November 16, 2012
Tibetan Fundraising event
I have played at many of these worthwhile Tibetan fundraising events
and continue to support
the ongoing projects of this Ottawa group.
Info: jurmewangda@rogers.com

November 30, 2012
Music Meditation with Celina Carroll on berimbau, percussion and voice
and Debbie Danbrook on Shakuhachi and voice
The Inner Garden: 401 Richmond Street West (at Spadina) suite 384
Time: 7:30pm  |  Cost: suggest donation $10-$20

Dec. 21 to Dec. 23
Festival of Light GALA & Costume Ball Event
Reservations and Information: www.grailsprings.com

as a special fall blessing, please enjoy our newest gift to you:
 the limited edition, fall 2012 series of the breathe in love mantra:
(right click to download)

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

whimsical summer adventures

Dear Friends,

I am back from my two months of travel. Non-stop fun adventures in
Japan, Ireland and many workshops, concerts and various events all around Ontario. wow..
here's a brief series of captured moments from the whirlwind healing summer tour:

fairies seem to follow me wherever i go!
a -found lovely sanctuary in Ireland
the energy is always fabulous- playing in a yoga studio

upcoming events:

Benefit Concert for Japan

Message from Rebecca of Camellia Teas:

We are suggesting a donation of $40 for this fund which will bring Master
Teachers (Koto and Chanoyu) to the National Capital Area. We are hoping
eventually to partner with other organizations in order to increase the
scope of the project.

Cash will be accepted and rsvp in advance to me is required to hold a space
at this very, very special private concert featuring Debbie Danbrook, her
shakuhachi students, the very talented Ian Hepburn with Celtic Harp, and
live traditional brush painting (Suibokuga) with Rebecca Cragg. There will
also be a special guest in appearance!

Camellia Teas of Ottawa will be sponsoring a nice cold tea as well as
another tea during the intermission. The Stepping Stones Art Gallery at
Camellia House is also happy to sponsor the space for this initiative.

For those sending an rsvp, directions to Camellia House, in the Mooney's Bay
area, will be sent along with confirmation. 

more excitement:

my new CD with David Darling will be released this month!
the product over a year of recording, we are thrilled to release it into the world.

i shared the album with a fellow creative-collaborator last week and she had this to say about it:

" a powerful, deeply moving symphony of energy,
surely one of the most profoundly resonant sound-healing tools for 2012"

  also this month: the brand new Healing Music website will be launched.
We will be offering, in celebration special complimentary healing music downloads,
stay (at)tuned for that as we will be offering a range of brand-new healing tools to explore.
check out a sneak peek:


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a summer of healing music + free love notes + irish adventures + activating hope + breathing in love + cherry blossom dances

dear friends,

what a wonderful hot-summer it has been, a whirlwind of travel and sharing my healing music everywhere i go. 

we are super excited that the new album is about to be unleashed into the world- and at such an exciting time too! this is the longest mixing process we have been through to date ( and after 17 albums that is saying alot, it is set to be fabbbulous! we are most excited to say that the final mixes near completion, stay tuned for sneak peeks.

The new site is moving along wonderfully - set to soft-launch on 1-08 2012, and will be packed with all sorts of healing music goodness, ready to take healing music the next level. It will offer a full listening centre, ability to shop by collection, by chakra and by healing intention and a yet to be revealed - healing program being born that will feature a new way to interact with healing music, through fully customizable, curated to mood, personal musical healing sessions; truly a new form of curative-connection and musical medicine.

There are some fantastic things in store for our fans and our fellow healing music tribesman, so stay attuned. Also another interesting tidbit, is that we will be crafting the entire site-in japanese as well as english, in the vein of celebrating authenticity and staying aligned with our roots- the rebirth of healingmusic.com will offer a cultural blend of empowered listening.


also in my travels, a stop at the annual graile lady faire, always a joy to connect with such beautiful, enlightened women and walk the labyrinth... this year's theme was:

 WOMEN 2012 THE RISE OF SMART POWER! Graile is an annual a 5-day summer festival for women celebrating women, and an opportunity to be with like-minded visionaries and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

"Thank you to all who brought their heart, mind and Spirit to the Grail Lady Faire. Every one of you who attended from vendors, performers, presenters, volunteers, staff, and attendees, brought grace, wisdom, and a generous heart. Truly the Rise of Smart Power in the World." ( ~Graile Founder Madeleine Marentette


for those of you that might have missed it, Chris Gartner and i, played a powerful show to a sold out audience @ U of T's OISE- in celebration of Active Hope. Dear wonderful soul Joanna Macy joined us to share her tips tricks and wisdom for facing this mess we are in without going crazy, if you aren't familiar with the work of Joanna Macy there is wonderful piece written on
' the great turning, the shift in consciousness, the eco-movement, gratitude,
and the art of reconnection, by Ecocentric Guide, Here:

If you were not able to be present for Active Hope -  here's a nice review by NOW Magazine 
The Music Meditation was delivered to a packed, present and enthusiastic audience of conscious and loving change-makers; and Healing Music set the tone for bringing the entire room into a state of calm, heart-opened engagement in preparation to receive Joanna's message.

with blessings. we trust additional video footage will be posted shortly- and to keep up to date with our events @ the inner garden check out Toronto's Sacred Gathering Space @ http://www.theinnergarden.ca/#!debbie
In August we will be returning to The Inner Garden to offer a music meditation with sound healer extraordinaire Jay Schwed:

tickets for this show will be available @ the door-


also over @ healing music HQ, we have been in the midst of a rebrand
bringing healing music into 2012 with a beautiful new look, feel and resonance...
and our brand evolution has almost fully evolved. 

healing music memoir #008
The story behind how the centre-piece artwork, which is in fact an image of a medicine buddha- came to be- is wonderful. The signature/ stamp or as the Japanese call it 'hanko' is an intricate wood carving - no larger than a toonie, precision-chiseled into wood from the forest - next to the mountain where the darling old-school original Japanese Monk/  Artisan- lives. The Mysterious Japanese man in the mountains, initially crafted what has lived on as an the ever-evolving Healing Music moniker -since our inception in the 80's

in the vein of welcoming the hanko to 2012 with grace- here's a sneak peak @ some of the looks we have been leaning towards-

finally after much meditation, refinement, lunar cycles, artistic momentum and Japanese dreams - we have decided on this version to represent us moving forward...

feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below :) 

There are so many wonderful and interesting and all ecompassing elements to be considered when undertaking a new ( or evolved ) brand, especially since you are essentially creating art- to represent art.
It is something that is often so underlooked and undervalued especially in the world of music- where art is so much about listening rather than looking;  but alas all things are connected and the integration of character, philosophy and mood are all integral part of building a strong, aesthetically pleasing and unique look to represent your music. One that resonates the essence of who you are,
on that note:
stay tuned for all kinds of new goods in the works for 2012 including branded merchandise, such as bamboo, cherry blossom, vintage japanese and mantra t-shirts, iphone, ipad and desktop wallpapers perhaps even healing music totes. a healing music APP is also in the pre-planning stages and we are very excitedly dreaming up all sorts of wonderful functions to enable you to bring more healing music into your world on a daily (real-time)  basis.


lastly and most importantly-  we have been distributing new, 'breathe in love mantra'  healing music postcards over the last month and if you were one of the lucky ones to have received one of these beauties you will be eligible for your free download once the braaaand new website launches very soon.

if you have yet to receive one of these lovely postcards- and you would like to,  please forward us your address and name, and we will craft a beautifully personalized handwritten love-letter just for you, delivered right to your door.



next up on the healing music adventures is another trip to Ireland, 

we are so thrilled to be returning to this beautiful land to offer our healing music to heal the natural wonder - of its people and its landscape: click here for a recap of our 2011 Irish-adventure:

here's a flashback of a music meditation performed an Irish Monastery in 2011

if you are in Ireland and want to catch one of our shows please contact us- to connect w/ one of our Irish counterparts & arrange ticketing as all seating will be exclusive, reserve and invite- only for these healing sessions

lots of love and a very blessed July, 




Saturday, June 2, 2012

love from Japan & healing music updates

The year so far has been so amazing and full. I have met so many wonderful people on all my travels - I am so grateful to be able to play my Healing Music wherever I go! The energy of life is so accelerated now, so much is happening and so quickly.

The new CD I have been working on for over a year is coming to the final stages of production. The last of the recording process with David Darling took place in Boulder, Colorado in February. Since then it has been final recording touches here and there and the huge and fun job of mixing. This is the biggest recording I have ever been a part of!  I can hardly wait to release it out into the world! soon.....   Next, the music is off to England for mixing with the best mixer in England!!!!!

This week, as we speak i am on a trip to Japan for personal healing - time with my friends, my healer, and 3 full days at my temple. here's an amazing photo i took on the flight over.

Life has been so full with performing at healing events and offering Healing Music workshops
and Healing Sessions and travelling all over.
Then after Japan I am off to Lindsay, Bancroft, Ottawa, Ireland,
Huntsville, Ottawa again and then Colorado again. wow The summer looks a wee bit busy!

Please check my website for locations of events.
Speaking of the website, please stay tuned for a fabulous new website,
new look!!
sneak peak:

Lots of Love,

Friday, January 27, 2012

events: February 24th Music Meditation

Dear Friends,
We're thrilled to have the wonderful Mark Korven playing with us on his unique and fabulous Sarello (cello and sarangi combined). for our next Music Meditation in Toronto
please join us February 24th @ The Inner Garden 
tickets are $10@ the door and available on a limited seating basis, if you wish to reserve tickets in advance please RSVP

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

breathe in love, breathe out light

please enjoy our healing music mantra,  
a token for your love & support,      
& a blessed reminder of how simple it can be to find peace.

please right click ( or control click for you mac-peeps) and hit save to download a wallpaper-sized version

if you would like a high-resolution version of this mantra,
please subscribe to our healing music memoirs.
( at the top right hand of this pretty-page )
you may then right click to save/download the below, and print to enjoy <3

love, debbie danbrook

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ireland - so wonderful, so beautiful, so green!

In Ireland, I played at some wonderful healing events that Jackie O'Keefe (lovely spiritual leader) helped to set up in both Dublin and Galway. I loved everyplace I played but one of the most powerful was at the Spirit Centre in Galway. The centre is on a little island right in the middle of the town called Nun's Island. The group that gathered was very magical, one fellow drove from across Ireland! (not so far really) 
I am mostly Irish by descent and something very ancient, ancestral came through that night in the music. 
Then for big fun I would recommend to anyone going to Ireland to visit Bridgit's Garden just outside of Galway. I played there in a beautiful round thatched hut and after the Music Meditation I sat in the bog log throne...I felt like the Queen of the Pixies!

We had a wonderful road trip across Ireland. Thanks to Joanne, (my friend since I was 4 ) for driving. We were on one of the most difficult highways to drive in Europe, but also one of the most gorgeous. We travelled to as many Megalithic Burial Sites as we could manage and I offered a Music Meditation at all of them.  
...we visited many smaller sites off the beaten path and were often the only ones there.

I also played at Glendalough, such beautiful ancient ruins and an inspiring spiritual site. 
On an earlier trip to Ireland I had visited Glendalough and also to a nearby German cemetery and knew I would return and play at both spots.


The German cemetery is one of the most peaceful and beautiful cemeteries I have ever been to. During the Second World War the German boys who died were buried here and this is now a bit of Germany in Ireland.

This cemetery is nearby the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, a wonderful and peaceful spot that offers a healing centre for the country. The church there has a particularly peaceful feeling and we made a stop there for me to play and offer a meditation for peace.

- copyright 2011 debbie danbrook an except from healing music memoirs