Monday, January 23, 2012

Ireland - so wonderful, so beautiful, so green!

In Ireland, I played at some wonderful healing events that Jackie O'Keefe (lovely spiritual leader) helped to set up in both Dublin and Galway. I loved everyplace I played but one of the most powerful was at the Spirit Centre in Galway. The centre is on a little island right in the middle of the town called Nun's Island. The group that gathered was very magical, one fellow drove from across Ireland! (not so far really) 
I am mostly Irish by descent and something very ancient, ancestral came through that night in the music. 
Then for big fun I would recommend to anyone going to Ireland to visit Bridgit's Garden just outside of Galway. I played there in a beautiful round thatched hut and after the Music Meditation I sat in the bog log throne...I felt like the Queen of the Pixies!

We had a wonderful road trip across Ireland. Thanks to Joanne, (my friend since I was 4 ) for driving. We were on one of the most difficult highways to drive in Europe, but also one of the most gorgeous. We travelled to as many Megalithic Burial Sites as we could manage and I offered a Music Meditation at all of them.  
...we visited many smaller sites off the beaten path and were often the only ones there.

I also played at Glendalough, such beautiful ancient ruins and an inspiring spiritual site. 
On an earlier trip to Ireland I had visited Glendalough and also to a nearby German cemetery and knew I would return and play at both spots.


The German cemetery is one of the most peaceful and beautiful cemeteries I have ever been to. During the Second World War the German boys who died were buried here and this is now a bit of Germany in Ireland.

This cemetery is nearby the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, a wonderful and peaceful spot that offers a healing centre for the country. The church there has a particularly peaceful feeling and we made a stop there for me to play and offer a meditation for peace.

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